You deserve something NU.

You deserve super-reliable 100% fiber Internet. You deserve ridiculous speeds up to 1 Gig. You deserve amazing high-def digital TV and broadband phone. And you deserve all of it from a locally owned team who consistently delivers mind-blowing service. Who says you deserve all this? We do. We’re NU. And we’re happy to connect you with everything you deserve.

You deserve something NU.

Beginning November 1,  2023, Newport Utilities and NUConnect will no longer provide television programming as one of its broadband offerings. The rising cost of television programing has made keeping reasonable customer pricing unviable. Nevertheless, with NUConnect’s reliable high-speed internet, you will still be able to watch all available television programming through one of the many other available streaming providers’ services.

Why settle for high-speed, when you can get highest-speed? Our fiber network offers the fastest speed in our area—up to 1Gbps—to make streaming, gaming, sharing and whatevering more fun than ever!

For one low monthly rate, you get unlimited local and long-distance calling, plus Caller ID, Call Waiting and more. Plus, on our reliable broadband network, the only thing that sounds better than the quality is the price.

It's time for something NU.

Just like you, we live here in Cocke County. And, just like you, we get our utilities—like our electric and water—from Newport Utilities. But we also work for Newport Utilities. And we thought it was about time we started offering more of the things that make your home more entertaining, more comfortable and more connected. So, we built the area’s very best fiber broadband network to bring you the area’s very best Internet. Hey, we love living here. So, we’re doing what we can to help us all love it even more. Now that’s NU.