NUconnect Phone


NU you're talking.

No matter how far you call, or how long you talk, you want it to sound great and stay connected. That’s why switching to our fiber network is the best call you can make.

Talk more for less.

Unlimited Local & Long-Distance Calling.

Get all the extras for nothing extra.

We think features like Caller ID and Call Waiting should just come with your phone service.

Keep your number.

You upgrade your service. No one has to update their contacts.

Most numbers are eligible to be ported. However there are a variety of factors that can affect your number’s porting eligibility.

Say “Hi” to NU.

Is all home phone service the same? Well, let’s see. Does all home phone service get delivered over a fiber connection? Is it all crystal clear and undeniably reliable? Does it let you enjoy unlimited local and long-distance calling for a super low rate? Does it give you free features like Caller ID and Call Waiting? And does it all come from a locally owned company? The same one consistently voted best customer service in the Newport area? Nope, not all home phone service does that. But ours does.

*Does not include International calls. Calling Card recommended for International calling. $32.95 plus required taxes and fees.