Phone Support

Phone Troubleshooting Tips

If you have no dial tone, follow these steps:


  1. Make sure all phones are on the hook and plugged in and powered on if cordless.
  2. Make sure all cables are securely connected.
  3. If cordless phone unplug the power from the main base unit for two (2) minutes.
  4. Plug the power back in to the base unit and check for dial tone.
  5. If still having a problem unplug the power from your ONT for two (2) minutes. (This will cause a loss of services.)
  6. Plug the ONT back in and wait for the lights to come back on.
  7. Wait for the Tel 1 light on your ONT to come on and check for a dial tone.

If you are still having issues, contact NUconnect Technical Support at 423.532.3555 or email [email protected].